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What is Persona Business Music?

Think about it. What vibe do your customers or clients feel when they enter your place of business? Have you done everything possible to ensure that you have designed your business setting to best represent your brand? Enter Persona Business Music. Persona consultants will work with you to either curate a playlist specifically for you or help you choose from a variety of current playlists that will lift and shift the mood in your workplace. Want to learn more? Great; click here to set up a no-strings consult. We can’t wait to meet you!

Make it your own

Choose From Two Effective Streaming Music Options:

Is your brand “fresh” “genuine,” “cutting edge,” or “geared toward a younger demographic?” The music that fills your customer space has to reflect your brand and your target audience. The team at Persona Business Music will work with your branding team to create and curate playlists that are appropriate for your vibe, demographic, and your current branding. Our day timing feature will allow us to design your streaming music so that it caters to the time of day. Let’s face it. Your customers want to relax in the morning and are more amenable to happy hour music at 5 p.m.

Persona Business Music designs playlists based on genre. We recognize that most companies, and people, enjoy more than one genre. The solution? Blended Playlists by Persona. Simply review our playlists and let us know your “blend.”


Access the songs without the hassle. 

Never again deal with BMI, ASCAP or SESAC. One monthly fee covers the public performance royalties for every song on Persona Business Music.


Engage your customers with music they love.

Persona Business Music serves up a diverse array of music, from top-streaming pop icons to under-the-radar indie bands, Nashville superstars to cutting-edge EDM artists. Having long-established relationships with music labels of all sizes and artist managers throughout the industry, Persona Business Music offers unparalleled access to the music your customers want to hear, not just stuff that’s easy to license. After all, what good is licensing music that doesn’t appeal to your customers?


Experience the best music programmers.

The right song at the right time can turn a casual browser into a loyal customer. Persona Business Music programmers are passionate music experts, diligent, creative in approach, and adept at stirring emotions via songcraft and curated playlists. Two parts science, one part art, Persona Business Music’s expertise-with-heart trumps algorithms every time.

Persona Business Music

Marketing Drop-ins

It all comes down to the customer experience. Playing great brand inspired music is an awesome way to set the mood. And while we would not recommend too many brand specific announcements while people are tuning in to your vibe, there should be one about every five songs. The announcements should follow three rules:

• Short and sweet
• Helpful information to your guest
• On brand and current

Therefore, use this opportunity to remind people to sign up for a rewards program, encourage them to provide feedback or tell them about a great promotion they may be missing out on. Most of our drop in announcements are less than 50 words. We will be glad to brainstorm with you about Drop in Announcements that are no additional cost for Curated Playlist customers. Just click here to set up a consult.

Global music licensing rights and talent integration


Fast, easy set-up.

Just plug in the unit and in minutes your music is ready to go.

PBM Player™ reliability and security.

With the highest uptime in the industry and the best security features of any player, CUBE is built for worry-free operation.

Smarter than streaming.

Streaming requires a constant dialogue between your network device and the internet. When the connection goes down, so does access to the music stream. Persona Business Music utilizes store-and-forward delivery, leaving playback uninterrupted even when you can’t get online.