How Hotels like Marriott Leverage On-Hold Marketing to Boost Caller Retention, Inform Guests, and Increase Bookings

On Hold Marketing and Communications’ service has been exceptional in providing effective brand recognition, relevant information, and incentives to our customers and callers,” said Daniel Bauer, Director of Hotel Operations at Bethesda Marriott. “The service has not only improved the overall customer experience but also helped us in reinforcing our brand’s messaging and values. OHMC’s team has been extremely proactive and responsive in customizing the messages as per our requirements, and the delivery has always been timely.”

Looking to achieve the same success with on hold marketing at your hotel? Let’s discuss how the service can be used effectively by hotels to gain a competitive edge and build lasting relationships with guests.

Understanding the Importance of Caller Retention

Caller retention is crucial to a hotel’s success. When callers are put on hold, they may become impatient or frustrated, leading them to hang up and contact a competitor. By using on-hold marketing to engage these callers, hotels can minimize the number of dropped calls and improve their chances of securing bookings.

Marketing Opportunities

On-hold marketing provides a unique opportunity for hotels to share information about their offerings and locale with callers. Here are a few ways hotels can leverage on-hold marketing to captivate their audience and promote their services:

  1. Showcase Unique Amenities and Services:

Use the on-hold time to highlight your hotel’s unique amenities and services. Inform callers about your spa services, in-house restaurants, meeting space, fitness centers, or any other exclusive offerings that may entice them to choose your hotel over competitors.

  1. Promote Special Offers and Packages:

Advertise special promotions, discounts, or packages exclusive to your hotel. This may include seasonal deals, loyalty programs, or early-bird discounts for advanced bookings.

  1. Share Information About Local Attractions:

Use on-hold marketing to inform potential guests about nearby attractions and events. This can showcase your hotel’s local knowledge and commitment to providing an enjoyable stay for your guests.

  1. Highlight Customer Testimonials:

Share positive customer reviews or testimonials during on-hold time to build credibility and reassure potential guests of the quality of your hotel.

Creating an Engaging On-Hold Experience:

To create an engaging on-hold experience, consider the following tips:

  1. Use a Professional, brand-inspired Voice Talent:

Invest in professional voice talent to deliver your on-hold messages that is consistent with your brand persona. A brand voice can create a polished and credible impression, enhancing the overall caller experience.

  1. Select the right Background Music:

Choose background music that complements your hotel’s brand, messaging and ambiance. 

  1. Keep Messages Concise and Relevant:

Ensure your on-hold messages are brief, relevant, and informative. Callers should be able to quickly grasp the key points and benefits of your offerings.

  1. Regularly Update Your Messages:

Update your on-hold messages frequently to keep the content fresh and relevant. This is particularly important when promoting seasonal offers or sharing information about local events.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Your On-Hold Marketing Campaign:

Track the percentage of callers who ultimately make a booking after being exposed to your messaging.

Don’t underestimate the power of on-hold marketing in the hospitality industry. By creating a strategic and well-crafted on-hold marketing campaign, your hotel can stand out from the competition, improve caller retention, and ultimately, boost guest bookings.

Stay ahead of the curve by continually evaluating the effectiveness of your on-hold marketing campaign. Monitor key metrics such as caller retention rate, conversion rate, and customer feedback to identify areas of success and opportunities for improvement. Regularly updating your on-hold messages will also ensure that your content remains fresh and relevant to your target audience.