Ease Financial Angst with a Proactive On Hold Message

Even the best financial planning strategies have been turned upside down by events of the past few years. And, now, your thriving financial services business needs even more of your immediate attention as you guide and reassure anxious clients. A dynamic and informative on hold message can instill a level of confidence in your skills before clients even speak with you.

One of the first tasks at hand is to let clients know you have the knowledge and experience to help them through the uncertainty of this financial climate. Tell callers about your qualifications, specialties and successes. Direct them to your website for current information on investing, health insurance, taxes and other essential topics.

A good way to engage clients in an on hold message is to present pertinent questions they can consider while waiting to speak with your associates. 

  • How much should I be saving? 
  • Should I be investing…and where? 
  • Is now the time to continue my education?
  • What is the best way to protect my assets? 

Remind them that all of these questions and more can be addressed by your expert staff. Provide callers with a list of all of your services and anything you are offering for free such as consultations or educational seminars.

If you offer tax planning and services, ensure callers that you can assist them with issues like self-employment, business start-ups, unemployment wages, bankruptcy, and any other actions or income that will impact 2021 tax filing. 

Finally, be sure to ask for their patience while waiting on hold. Communicate that you understand their sense of urgency and they will get your personal and undivided attention as soon as possible.