Your Brand is Only as Strong as the Voice Of Your Business

On Hold Marketing & Communications will create a brand standard for your telephone on hold marketing, voicemail and IVR prompts as well as narration for your website and multi-media presentations.

Are you presenting the same strong branding image in every one of your locations whether you are in Miami or Singapore?

We serve as an arm of many branding teams across the globe ensuring that their telephone on hold messaging, voicemail prompts overhead music and scent technology support their branding goals and are consistent throughout the world in any language.

“We have the expertise to roll out your Brand Standard On Hold Marketing Program no matter the size and scope of your business. We work with local restaurant groups, national financial service firms, expanding franchises and worldwide hotel chains in over 50 countries. We look forward to the opportunity to work with your organization as well.”
– Jim Mathis, President of On Hold Marketing & Communications

There are a number of factors to consider when creating a Brand Standard Music and Message On Hold marketing program. Does your company have international roll out needs? If so, we can help you with:


On Hold Marketing Equipment:

Our equipment connects to our server and your internet connection. This allows us to update your messages worldwide – instantly. No middle man necessary for download.

Shipping and Installation:

We have the expertise to ship to almost any country in the world. We manage customs and VAT and coordinate installation with your IT people.

Worldwide Voices & Music:

We offer voice talent in every language and a wide variety of licensed background music. We will work with you to create the sound and brand you are striving for.

Script Consultant:

Our script consultant will team with your branding department to create consistent messaging that works worldwide. Each time you need to re-write your script, your On Hold script writer will be available to you.

Project Coordinator:

Maintaining a brand via on hold messaging, consistent voicemail prompts, web recordings and product demos is a daunting task. Let your On Hold project coordinator do the work! We utilize a state of the art reporting system so that you always know the status of your On Hold Messaging, Voicemail Prompts, IVR messaging and more. If there are any hiccups along the way, we will resolve them immediately. We want to be a helpful arm of your branding team.