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Have you heard? Websites are no longer silent. Audio on your website helps you to highlight your products and services, promote seasonal and special events and drive visitors to place an order.

Convert your website visitors into customers with website audio

Have you considered the value of adding Website Recordings audio narration? It’s easier than you think. Your website will require no changes. We work with your existing website and web designer. The website audio streams from our servers, so the only thing required is having a simple line of “code” placed onto your existing website. The website recordings are streamed from our server allowing us to ensure that your website recordings are heard on all computers, laptops, tablets and even smart phones. Once your code is placed, we can update your WebsiteRecordings from our server, without bothering your web designer. Furthermore, it’s affordable!
Capture and Retain your website visitor’s attention and retention. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the website metrics, you must utilize audio. The facts are simple: visitors will retain more when they see and hear information. Allow WebsiteRecordings.com to gently persuade, teach, encourage and guide your website visitors.

Strengthen your unique branding style.

You spend countless hours designing a website that represents your branding and your most unique offerings. With website recordings you can:

  • Create a Persona. Choose a voice, music and style that reflects your companies personality.
Website Persona: The personality a person or company projects
to represent their brand.
  • Set the Tone. Welcome your visitors and thank them for their interest. Gently remind them to fill out a contact form or to continue on to the next page to learn more about your products and services.

Hold your customer’s hand.

Let’s face it. So many companies strive to provide their clients with so much information that often it is difficult to navigate through a website. With WebsiteRecordings, use our voice to gently guide your visitors throughout your site. Driving your visitors through each logical step will improve the customer experience.

Increase your website’s metrics:

Measuring the metrics of your site is important. If you are not getting the results you want, consider WebsiteRecordings. With website audio we can:

  • Increase retention
  • Increase average time on site
  • Increase click-thru rates and page views
  • Decrease bounce rate
  • Decrease shopping cart/lead form abandonment

Website Metrics: Your website statistics including page views, click-thru rates, time spent on website and other important conversion statistics.

Increase recall rate.

Once a customer visits your site, can they recall your site name three days later? Rate of recall is very important. Remember: you have competition. What are you doing to set yourself apart? When a site visitor navigates your site and it is accompanied by audio navigation and music, chances are they’ll remember it more than a silent website. Keep in mind, you're talking to them and stating your company name and services throughout the recordings. Give us a call to get started: 800-932-2175. A WebsiteRecordings Consultant will be happy to provide a free site evaluation. You’ll be amazed how affordable this service is!