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Voice Prompt Recordings - How It Works

This is not complicated; you need your custom voice prompts on time and on budget! No worries, we have you covered! Our time tested Customer Service Protocol will ensure satisfaction. We can record your voice prompts for IVR, Speech Recognition, ACD, Auto Attendant, Voicemail and Night Answer Greetings in any format needed. Here’s how we do it:

Step 1. Project Preparation: We suggest that every project start with a phone call to one of our Voice Prompt Specialists. Your Specialist will walk you through each step from prep to delivery. We can help you determine recording format based on your system, insertion (downloading) needs and of course, cost. You can send us your scripting needs in any format you wish or simply use our customized order form that covers all requirements.

Click to download script form.

Tip: For larger jobs - the client may ask for a face-to-face meeting to establish work flow and cutover dates. When geographically possible, we will attend on site meetings and, as a backup, we are available for video and teleconferencing 24/7. At the meeting, we will gather voice prompt scripts, determine recording format needs and arrange for test files to be provided.

Step 2. Voice Selection: We need to find the perfect voice to represent your brand. Visit our online Voice and Music Selection Tool voice and music selection tool where you can select the Voice Talent and Music that will project the persons of your business. International Voice Talents in over 35 languages are available by request.

Tip: For your main greeting (Hello, you have reached the XYZ Company), it is nice to place a music drop or music bed mixed with the voice talent. It adds a professional and polished feel to the recording. We offer this feature at no additional cost.

Step 3. Recordings: We can offer you a selection of Voice Talents that will record voice prompts in any language in our state of the art recording studio.

Tip: If you need Foreign Voices, we will often record in their native country to ensure authenticity. The recording is then uploaded to our studio using an ISDN Codec system to ensure a studio quality recording. We can record in over 35 Languages.

Step 4. Proofing and Formatting: Once recorded, our Pro Tools Certified Engineers will review each prompt to ensure accuracy and phonetics. We then format and label (code) each file as per your labeling requirements for seamless insertion into your system.

Step 5. Delivery of Completed Project: Once completed, we will deliver the files in your choice of the following formats: email, ftp, USB thumb drive, CD ROM or insertion into your system.

Most small and medium jobs can be completed in as little as 48 hours.

We guarantee all of our work – 100%.
If you are not completely satisfied, we will re-do your professional voice prompts.