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Why Use On Hold Marketing?

There are three main benefits to using On Hold Marketing messages:

1. Retain Callers

How often do callers hear silence on-hold and wonder if they have been disconnected? Callers with silence on hold will often hang up within 40 seconds, while callers with on-hold marketing messages will stay on the line up to 4 minutes. Lost calls will cost you sales!

2. Create A Professional Image

Let’s face it. While callers are waiting for assistance, you have a great opportunity to create and reinforce your corporate brand. Today, people make instant opinions about your business based on the way you answer the phone and what they hear when placed on-hold. Businesses with silence on-hold sound small time and unprofessional. How important is the image of your business?

3: Sell Your Products and Services

Target the callers that call you. Keep in mind, your callers phoned you to learn more about your products and services. You have their complete attention; use this unique opportunity to educate your callers about all of your current marketing needs, corporate branding as well as timely promotions and events. Did you know that it is 10 times less expensive to sell additional products and services to your existing clientele than it is to attract new clients?

Here’s the bottom line:

If your business places people on-hold and you have information to tell your customers,
then you need On Hold Marketing & Communications.