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Messages For Hair Salons

Hair Salon using Music On Hold with Messages to promote their products and services

We love to interview Salon owners. The reason? Every Salon owner has a very unique and personal commitment to how their salon is perceived. We respect that and want to capture that essence in your On Hold script. Are you a fashionable "Soho Style" salon or a chain of Children’s Themed Hair Cutters? Do you appeal to Women, Men or Children? How do you want people to feel when they walk into your salon - tranquil and relaxed, energetic, fashionable or simply comfortable?

Once we understand your brand, we need to know what makes your salon different.

Here are some important things to think about when
designing your on hold marketing campaign:

Your products and processes say a lot about the quality of your salon. It is important to bring attention to the options you provide - and their benefits:

  • Coloring, including organic and ammonia-free options
  • Glossing and highlighting
  • Conditioning Treatments
  • Perms and Blow Outs
  • Straightening processes, including Keratin, vegan and organic processes
  • Make-up

Most salons go beyond cut, style and blow dry. What additional services can you promote on hold to expand your revenue sources? Do you offer:

  • Take Home Products – Your own or a popular brand
  • Hair Removal, including waxing, threading or laser techniques
  • Bridal Packages, Sweet 16, or Prom Specials
  • Facials
  • Massage
  • Beauty & Spa Packages

There is always an occasion for customers to indulge themselves or someone else in the satisfying salon experience. Are the following items part of your current marketing plan? If so, let your on hold callers know about them.

  • Holiday Promotions – Mother’s Day, Christmas etc.
  • Special Promotions – 10% off on Monday’s for teens
  • Gift Cards

Make sure your callers know where they can find information about your products and services. Your business often depends on word of mouth. Use the internet to its fullest advantage. Your on hold message should include:

  • Website address
  • Facebook Page
  • Location, Hours and Appointment Policy
  • Mailing List

Seasonal Marketing Calendar Tips

Please note that the chart below contains calendar specific talking points and ideas. The best results will come when you complete your person to person interview with an On Hold Marketing consultant. You may also change your message more frequently if it better meets your marketing needs. We will take the work off your desk!


Beginning Jan 1

Happy New Year, winter specific treatments for skin and hair care, tips for taking care of your skin, hair and feet during the very damaging winter months, promotions and specials that will encourage clients to schedule a massage, pedicure, straightening hair treatment, highlights to brighten their winter look, etc. Invite your clients to a consultation to achieve the best "winter look" possible. Announce a "day of beauty" special for Valentines Day.


Beginning April 1

Now is a good time to encourage callers to schedule their salon appointments for their busy Spring schedule. Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Graduations and countless end of the school year celebrations, salons are busy. Let your callers know about any Spring promotions you are offering. A "day of beauty" makes a wonderful Mother’s day or birthday gift. As sleeveless shirts and shorts approach, encourage your callers to come in for skin care treatments, a fresh new hair cut and a hair color consultation. If you offer manicure and pedicures, be sure to announce your spring specials. If you do bridal parties; Spring is a great time to promote this service.


mid June/early July

Your guests want to step out looking their very best especially in the summer. What summer tips can we provide to your callers? Let’s list the summer specials that will encourage your caller to schedule a waxing, pedicure, highlight or skin polishing treatment. Do you have any summer appropriate hair treatments that will protect your client’s from the sun? Do you recommend any particular skin care lotions or products with UV protection?


early September

Gift certificates, holiday promotions and product baskets must be mentioned in the fall production in order to maximize holiday sales. Encourage your callers to schedule their holiday appointments. Your callers most likely took a beating in the summer sun and now it is time to pamper their hair and skin and adjust their hair and makeup to reflect the cooler months. Fall is such a fun time for fashion and hairstyle is such a dramatic element of the fall look.

Please keep in mind that this industry-specific information is meant to be a guide.
Our capable script consultants will work with you to gather notes on your thoughts,
ideas and expectations of your On Hold Marketing program.

Please call us at 800.932.2175 to get started.