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You wouldn’t run a television ad without sound; so why should your presentation be silent? You may be using our Voice Talents on telephone or “voice” prompts, on hold marketing messages and website narration.... why stop there? Why not give that same voice to your marketing tools?

Add Voice And Music To:

Multimedia Presentations – Set your presentation apart with voice and music.

Product Demonstrations – Highlight product details

Corporate PowerPoint and Slide Deck Presentations – Bring them to life with audio

Training & Education Seminars/Webinars – Strengthen the message with the voice of an expert

Business Social Media pages – Increase Brand Recognition

Hotel wake up calls and Shuttle Bus announcements – Add your signature voice

Voice Prompts for all interactive electronic services – Give your prompts a professional sound

We will write, record and even set to music your audio recordings in all languages and any format that you need. The applications are endless!

Call us today at 800.932.2175 and one of our Voice Over Specialists
will help you design a program for your specific needs.