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Product Demonstrations Come Alive When Utilizing
Voice Narration and Music

Couple watching an interactive web presentation that incorporates voice narration and music

When you need to differentiate your product or service, showing and telling is the way to go. On Hold Marketing and Communications can add voice and music to all of your product demonstrations including the images and videos on your website, youtube, facebook, slideshare, google+ or any other platform. We create audio recordings that will work with your video or presentation program including Adobe Captivate, Wondershare Creator or virtually any format.
The Web and Video designers of today know how to present products over the web utilizing software that presents a product in a 360 degree presentation. This latest technology allows us to see products on the web like never before. With audio recordings or voice narration, you promote all aspects of the product and hear the important details which will increase sales and understanding of your subject matter.

“Try to imagine all of your presentations via product images, videos and tours coming to life with narration and music. Our voice talent will describe each product with the detail and finesse that you are trying to convey via your branding strategy. Our talent will impress your website visitors with accurate information and complete product description.”

Consider Audio Recordings To Support All Of Your Web Product Videos And Images Including:

  • 360 Videos on your website utilizing Adobe Captivate, Wondershare Creator, Slideshare and all 360 video software.
  • Virtual Tour Guide: Allow us to be your “tour guide.” Our professional Voice Talent will guide your visitors through any virtual tour application including home, product or destination tour or “virtually” any opportunity to narrate a video on line.
  • Product Images on your website.
  • Slideshow or Power Point presentations.
  • Audio for trade show booths, kiosks, and point of purchase displays.

You invest time and money into the most sophisticated presentation of your product.
Be sure to enhance and strengthen your presentation with the power of audio.

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