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Voice Prompt Recordings – All Systems are Go

Flexibility and options are what we all look for when choosing a product or service provider. On Hold Marketing and Communications has designed its Voice Prompt Recording, Voice Mail and Auto Attendant services to work with any and all formats and systems from IVR and Speech Recognition technology providers such as Genesys, Nuance or Avaya to manufacturers of VoIP and PBX equipment like 8×8, Nextiva and Fonality. In addition, Phone Prompts can be prepared in any language, thus providing an increased level of convenience and customer care, especially for multi-location businesses with worldwide facilities.

“It’s a more customer-compatible marketing strategy when you can adjust to clients’ individual needs rather then expecting them to comply to your limited offerings,” says Jim Mathis, President of On Hold Marketing and Communications. “If we ask for your business, it’s on us to meet all requirements necessary to provide you with the best voice prompt recording service possible.”

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Speech Recognition Systems allow callers to use voice or push button tones to input information as they navigate through your messaging system. The role of the voice prompt service is to communicate these instructions with clarity and precision. It also should have the capability of being easily modified as prompts and key information change.

“We work with large, multi-location properties that need to coordinate their messages,” Mathis explains. “Our experience and technical expertise enables us to roll out messages and updates, on time and in sync.”

Virtual PBX and VoIP are revolutionary technologies that enable calls to be automatically routed anywhere in the world from one main phone number. Systems like these can make small businesses appear more substantial and big businesses less complex. Adding a professional voice talent to these high tech systems can reinforce your company’s commitment to quality and innovation.

“If your company has invested in advanced technology such as Vocalocity or M5 VoIP, why diminish that level of sophistication with an unprofessional voice prompt recording?” says Mathis. “We can help you set up and maintain a consistent, recognizable voice, tone and message that convey and enhance your company’s image.”

On Hold Marketing and Technology Voice Prompt Specialists work with your CTOs and CIOs to complete the project quickly and seamlessly according to your specifications, expectations and time frame.  Most small and medium jobs can be completed in as little as 48 hours. The On Hold Voice Prompt Specialists are accessible 24/7 for questions or service issues.

“The whole idea of a voice prompt system is accessibility to your business anywhere, anytime,” Mathis notes. “So there is no question that we need to be right there with you.”

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