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Push Your Callers’ Buttons this Summer with an On Hold Message that Connects

The warm weather is a time for breakout fashions, farm fresh foods and inspired travel destinations. How about it? Are your trending along with your customers this summer? Your on-hold message is a great place to drop in the buzz words that will bring in the business. For example:

Does your restaurant create superior salads with locally sourced ingredients or does your bar serve the best herb-infused cocktail on the block?  Do you have the space to host a family reunion, wedding or outdoor summer soiree?

Does your salon achieve the best bronze hair color or offer spray tan and waxing services for that beach-ready look? Do you use organic, formaldehyde-free products and processes? Is mani and pedi art a specialty for you?

For stay-cationers and road-trippers, how does your local hotel create that “get away from it all feeling?” What attractions are you near? Do you offer special packages or reduced rates for children? If you cater to long distance and business travelers, are there conveniences like airport shuttles and mobile booking? Do you have a well-known chef for your on-site restaurant or provide guests with brown bag lunches?

Everyone likes to look their best in the summer. Are you a medi-spa or medical practice that offers cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening or straightening, injectable treatments or laser hair removal?

Designer eyewear is definitely in focus this time of year. Do you stock retro rose-colored lenses from Ferragamo or wooden frames by O’Neill? How about the vibrant colored frames of Vera Wang?

Whatever business or industry you are in, your on-hold message has the power and flexibility to connect with what is on your callers’ minds from season to season and trend to trend. Let them hear it from you first and let them know that you do it best.

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