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Professional Voice Prompt Recordings Make Favorable First Impression

Phone calls often represent the first points of contact for your business. On Hold Marketing and Communications understands the importance of these “first impressions” and has been providing them for businesses for almost 20 years through its Voice Prompt Recording services. These voice prompts are available in any language and any format for use in Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Speech Recognition Systems, Voice Mail and Night Answer Greetings.

“Think about what you hear when you call a place of business and get a voice prompt recording,” says Jim Mathis, President of On Hold Marketing and Communications. “Is the message clear, professional, consistent? Does it convey quality and exude confidence.”

Automated phone prompts reduce cost as well as enhance customer service by providing basic information like location and hours, directing the caller to a specific department or employee, or providing a voice mail option. Interactive Voice Prompts and Speech Recognition Systems have extended this customer convenience by allowing callers to use their voices to guide them to their destination. Virtual PBX and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services enable employees to be virtually anywhere in the world and reachable through a single main phone number. The key to making these services even more effective is to give them a voice that reflects the “persona” of your business and is consistent regardless of location.

“It’s not just a phone answering mechanism. You can get that anywhere,” notes Mathis. Professional voice prompts are an opportunity to customize your “first impression” with a personality that is unique to your business. It’s branding, plain and simple.”

As specialists in International Brand Standard Rollout of multiple locations, On Hold Marketing and Communications has a voice presence in more than 35 countries. Clients’ messages can be recorded in any language and the recordings are often done in the native country to ensure authenticity. Background music also can add a new dimension and recognizable element to the greeting.

Voice mail, IVR, Night Answer Greetings and Speech Recognition messages are easy to set up, install, and maintain. At On Hold Marketing and Communications, dedicated Voice Prompt Specialists walk clients through the process of determining format and insertion needs, preparing a message, producing the script and implementing the service. An automatic voice and music selection tool on the website enables clients to listen to the voice talent and background music – if desired – that capture their companies’ image. Completed voice prompt recordings are reviewed for accuracy and phonetics by Certified Pro Tools Engineers. The final production is delivered in the client-preferred format, which can include email, ftp, USB thumb drive, CD ROM or insertion into the clients’ systems.

“We’ve got you covered from start to finish,” Mathis says. “You give us the basic information and we give you back a high quality, professionally recorded message that is certain to have a positive impact on first-time callers and then become the familiar voice of your business.”

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