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Professional On Hold Messages Speak Volumes

Young singing women with microphoneIf you were to hire an employee as part of your customer-facing communication team, you would expect them to be capable of talking about your brand in a professional, clear and accurate manner, using just enough of the right words to attract interest for your product or service. The same holds true for your on hold message. It needs to be as professional and engaging as your sales staff, enticing your callers to want to know more.

“Companies often make the mistake of thinking anyone in the office can create and record a message on hold,” says Jim Mathis, President of On Hold Marketing & Communications. “This saves money in the short term, but ends up putting callers off and risking a hang-up before a personal connection gets made.”

Experienced on hold message readers are trained professionals. Far from just reading a script, they learn to correctly pronounce and enunciate words and add inflections to convey the meaning and tone of the message. In addition, the material being read requires the clarity, composition and marketing expertise that only a professional writer can provide.

“Messages that are long-winded or badly composed and read by amateurs will simply be annoying to callers,” comments Mathis. “This defeats the whole purpose of on hold marketing.”

The final element of a professional message on hold program is customer support. It’s rare that on hold messages are static. Most require frequent or seasonal updates, fresh new deliveries, or a change of voice or music background as well as the addition of an auto attendant message or web. Message on hold providers who truly understand their clients’ marketing needs can become value-added partners in developing the right MOH program and content as clients’ needs change.

“The first thing we do at On Hold Marketing & Communications is to sit down with a client and talk about their company persona and marketing message,” Mathis explains. “We follow that up with individual attention from our scriptwriters and customer service associates. Nothing goes out until it reaches everyone’s highest expectations.”

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