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Priming the On Hold Pump for the Holiday Season

imagesThink it’s too early for your holiday message on hold? Think again. Despite the fact that early promotion of holiday products sometimes elicits groans, it also gets consumers primed for holiday purchases…whether they realize it or not.

“The period before callers on hold are full bore into their holiday agendas, before any purchasing decisions are made is the best time to peak their interest in your product or service,” says Jim Mathis, president of On Hold Marketing & Communications. “Why not be the first restaurant to mention your holiday event capabilities, the first bakery to tempt your callers on hold with your pie selections or the first salon to talk up holiday gift certificates?”

Pre-season messages on hold give callers time to plan ahead and check items off their task lists before crunch time sets in. Your on hold message should contain pertinent information on holiday hours, season-specific products or services, sales and specials, vacation or spa packages or venue availability. Let your callers on hold know how you can accommodate their office parties, ensure transportation to and from airports, have those gourmet baskets or flowers sent out on time. You can also use your on hold message to direct callers to your website or blog for upcoming holiday events and specials. Highlight all the ways that your personalized and convenient service takes the stress out of holiday planning.

“Most businesses are impacted in someway by the holiday season,” says Mathis. “Use your on hold message to leverage what you have to offer with the needs of your callers.

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