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Hair Salons Create an Image On Hold

People’s hairstyles often reflect their personalities – from classic and uncomplicated to ever-changing in color and style. Likewise, the “attitude” of your hair salon says who you are and what customers might expect from your services. There are several ways you can use your on hold message as part of an image-making marketing strategy.

What kind of experience does your salon offer? Is it fun and casual, sophisticated and trendy, kid-friendly? Do you specialize in catering to bridal parties, prom-goers or other groups? Are there spa services available? The tone and text of your on hold message should answer these questions for the callers in addition to letting them know that you can accommodate whatever cut, color, updo, extension, or style they have in mind.

“Salons need to “identify themselves” in their on hold message without being too exclusive,” says Jim Mathis, President of On Hold Marketing and Communications. “If someone is looking for chic, let them know you have the expertise to make it happen. If someone is looking for classic, let them know you can do this better than anyone else.”

Salon services are not as cut and (blow)dry as they used to be. Many have incorporated manicures and pedicures, massage, facials, waxing and even cosmetic procedures such as Botox and Restylane. Some offer proprietary or exclusive lines of hair care products and cosmetics. Make sure your on hold message touches on all of the services you offer.

“Salons have a lot of opportunity for “value added” in their marketing messages,” says Mathis. “Someone calling in for a hair appointment, might decide to go for a manicure or pedicure, as well.”

Everyone can identify with celebrity. If you are a salon that features a well-known stylist or colorist or you have a famous clientele, use that to your advantage in your on hold message. It also is impressive to highlight any special training or experience that your stylists have had or if your salon has appeared in magazine articles or your work has been featured on the runway.

Chemical-free products and processes are a big draw for salon-goers. If this is something you provide, make it a prominent part of your on hold message. Do you offer formaldehyde-free hair straightening, organic and vegan alternatives, ammonia-free coloring options, mineral-based make-up or natural and restorative hair care products?

“This can be the deciding factor for many consumers,” Mathis notes. “Make them feel better about looking good.”

There also is a seasonal element to marketing for salons, so it is important to update your message strategically throughout the year. For instance, target November and December for holiday and New Year’s Eve parties, as well as the purchase of gift certificates. Focus on May and June for proms and weddings. In between those times, use your on hold opportunity to promote special packages and signature services. And, don’t forget to direct callers to your website, Facebook, and twitter pages for more information.

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