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Get your On Hold Message Game On

While you’re in Football mode, try and think of your on hold message as a receiver on the 10 yard line who’s caught the pass from the quarter back and just has to run it in. In many cases, by the time someone picks up the phone to call your business, they have partly committed to using your product or service. They have either researched you, were referred to you, read your ad, used you already or picked you out of many options from a web search. You just have to stay upright, hold onto the ball and make sure your message scores.

There are common fumbles that could sideline you, but if you follow these offensive strategies, you will reach your goal.

  • Don’t drop the ball on the latest and greatest news. Be sure your on hold message is current. For example: Have your hours changed? Do you need to update your number of years in business? Have you added new technology, a new location or a new professional to your staff?
  • Tap into your most ardent inner cheerleader by inviting enthusiasm for your product or service. If you are excited, callers will be, too. Make sure the voice talent and music you select create a positive frame of mind.
  • Get your playbook in order. Make it clear what action you would like your callers to take. Callers should be actively listening to your message, noting important information, dates, website addresses, and social media platforms so they can follow up when you come back to the call or research the information themselves online.
  • Your brand is your uniform. Create an on hold message, voice and music that are consistent and recognizable to your callers.
  • Go for the extra points. Don’t settle for just a good message. Make it great. Add personality with some humor or testimonials from other customers or clients. Use two different voice talents. Be sure to include your tagline in several places throughout the script.

On hold messages are designed to work when you can’t be there (like Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons, maybe?) So, make sure it’s pumped up and ready to play. Then, sit back and enjoy the game.

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