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Financial Planning Message Can Make Sense of Complex Concepts

Most people can benefit from financial planning, but not everyone knows how and why. As a marketer of these services, you have to connect the “industry jargon” to real life results with which your customers can identify. Your On Hold message is an ideal place to outline your offerings in basic terms and invite callers to set up an appointment for a more in-depth assessment of their needs.

Sluggish economy, unreliable markets, rising college costs? Everyone is looking for ways to stretch and save their dollars. Your on hold message can turn the bad news around by focusing on the benefits of your lifestyle and family financial planning offerings including IRAs, Estate or Legacy Planning, Trust Management, 529 Plans and more. Mention seminars or free consultations that will help to educate your clients on the best choices for their situations.

“The future is a much scarier place than it use to be – at least financially speaking,” says Jim Mathis, President of On Hold Marketing and Communications. “Your message needs to be comprehensive in its solutions, confident in its tone, and convincing in its call to action.”

For those callers interested in investing, include all of your wealth management options such as stocks, mutual funds, annuities and fixed income investments. Encourage them to talk with your wealth advisor about savings and spending plans, charitable donations or borrowing solutions.

In addition to highlighting your services, your On Hold Message needs to resonate with your callers on several other levels – trust, competence and support. Here is where you can point out your training, experience and noteworthy accomplishments as well as your reputation for client satisfaction.

“We have all encountered the sign ’em up and forget ’em scenario,” says Mathis. “Use your on hold message to reinforce your commitment to following through on your client’s needs as financial situations change.”

What other services do you feature that can give your potential clients the convenience of one-stop shopping for their financial and lifestyle needs? Do you offer life or health insurance? How about tax planning services? Let callers know they can get it all done in one place working with a familiar, knowledgeable and courteous staff of professionals.

Don’t forget, if your marketing plan includes a website and active social media presence, use your on hold message to direct callers there for more information and interaction pertaining to events, articles, financial tips and online appointments.

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