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Eight ways to shake up your on hold message

women on phoneWhen you’re speaking to a potential customer, you often can tell when interest is starting to wane and you need to kick the conversation up a notch. But, with callers on hold, you have no way of knowing if or when they tune out. Here are a few ways to liven up your on hold message and keep callers engaged.

  • Tell them something they don’t know: While it’s important to have all the basics such as location, hours, website and the details about your product or service, it helps to include a “Did you know…?” It can be something small, but useful. For example: “Did you know our pharmacy has a notary public? Or it could be something intriguing like: “Did you know Porterhouse steak was first served at this restaurant?” There’s always something new to talk about.
  • Vary the voices: Alternating between a male and female voice for each paragraph of your message will capture your caller’s attention. Also, if you choose to include a quote or a testimonial, use a different voice to make it stand out from the rest of the message.
  • Make your callers smile: Adding humor to your message, when appropriate, will catch callers off-guard and make a lasting impression.
  • Ask a pointed question: Get your callers involved by asking a pointed question that relates directly to a want or need. For instance: A dentist’s office may ask: “Do dental visits make you anxious?” The follow up would detail what procedures they use to lessen your fear. Another question for any business could be: Are you looking for a unique gift for a celebration or holiday?” Again, the follow-up would mention gift cards for your product or service.
  • Include sounds and exclamations: Short bursts are great for breaking the spell when your caller starts to tune out. Put in a “Wow” when describing a great deal or an “MMM” when talking up your baked goods or homemade soups.
  • Make it personal: Some messages lend themselves to conversational tones. Invite callers to your restaurant for lunch. Welcome them to your new medical or legal practice. Make them feel at home at your hotel.
  • Mix up the music: The background music you choose can really make a difference. If you have found a background that really resonates with your business, then it’s good to keep the consistency. If you prefer changing it up once in a while, try new genres like blues, a Latin beat or orchestral music.
  • Connect with current events: Be sure to include references to trends in your industry. For example, medical facilities can talk about new technologies or procedures and direct callers where to go for more information. Accountants can mention how new laws will affect your taxes. A restaurant can promote gluten-free or vegan options.

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