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Do your callers on hold care about the “where”?

local_sections_3128753_574Nothing grabs a consumer’s attention today like the word “local.” Anything that is locally grown, sourced, manufactured, designed, etc. is considered to be better, whether it’s fresh veggies from the farm down the road or clothing made in the USA.Why not entice callers with what’s “local” about your business while they wait on hold?

For food establishments, “local” has a lot of connotations…fresher, healthier, supportive of the community, environmentally friendly. Be sure to let your callers on hold know if you serve wine from the local winery, source your meat products from local butchers, send viable excess raw ingredients to local food recovery programs or hire local musicians to perform in your restaurant or lounge.

If you offer healthcare services, “local” may have a different meaning. For instance, do you have a multi-lingual staff to accommodate the major languages spoken within your community? Tell callers about your local support groups, screenings and community outreach, or share the convenience of having laboratory or diagnostic services right on premises.

Hotels and resorts can capitalize on “local” as well by offering guests an authentic local experience in their décor, food services and nearby attractions. Share information with callers about your walking tours of the city, parks or landmarks. Highlight the locally inspired cocktails served in your lobby bar. Emphasize how you will make them feel like a “local” throughout their stay.

Local also can be appealing to non-locals. Did you ever buy a gift for someone or a memento for yourself that represented your travel experience such as coffee beans from a craft roaster in Brooklyn, a Burberry scarf from London or a bottle of wine from Napa Valley? If what you make or do has “local” value, why not send the message out during that critical first point of contact…a phone call.

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