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Dentists On Hold – On Hold Messages Can Keep Dental Patients Informed and at Ease

The time has passed when a trip to the dentist was something to dread. Nowadays, dentists not only provide faster and more comfortable regular examinations and as-needed fixes, they also offer a variety of cosmetic procedures and enhancements.

From a marketing standpoint, this means there is a lot more to tell…and sell…in your on-hold message.

“Competition is no longer based just on experience, location or reputation,” says Jim Mathis, President of On Hold Marketing and Communications. “You also need to promote the products, procedures and technology that produce the best smile.”

Since dental health is the primary focus of your practice, you might want to start by giving callers the basics, such as location, hours of operation, insurance options, where to call in an emergency, and whether you specialize in a certain area like pediatric or family dentistry or orthodontics. Include all of your routine services, such as cleanings, fillings and sealants for children, as well as special procedures like root canals and crowns.

Use this marketing opportunity to emphasize unique procedures and techniques – such as water lasers or conscious sedation – that significantly reduce the pain and discomfort typically associated with dental work.

“Pain-free dentistry? Sign me up.” comments Mathis. “Anything you can say to reduce your caller’s anxiety may play into their decision to choose your practice. Incorporate that reassuring tone in your voice and music selections as well.”

If cosmetic dentistry is part of your practice, use your on hold message to introduce and reinforce any capabilities you have to create healthier AND happier smiles. Do you offer in-office or take-home whitening options? How about natural color fillings and veneers or Invisalign? Is there someone on your staff who can perform injectable procedures such as Botox and Restylane? Promote the advantages of having these procedures done by medical professionals in the comfort and safety of your office.

What else makes your practice stand out? You might mention any community or educational outreach in which you are involved. Direct callers to your website for information, staff profiles, appointments, dental health tips, or access to pre-visit forms. Invite them to follow you on Facebook or check out your blog.

Don’t be afraid to lighten it up.  Some of our clients will use On Hold Marketing to provide advice during Halloween season.  For example, Dentists will recommend eating chocolate because “chocolate melts. Not so with Gummy bears”  and so on.

Last but not least, use your on hold message to encourage your current patients to come in for regular checkups and annual X-rays. Explain to parents what special accommodations you may have for first timers. Let callers know that your courteous and knowledge staff is always available to answer their important questions.

“Your on hold marketing message should reflect the philosophy of your practice,” Mathis notes. “As in all health related messages, it should inform, inspire confidence and encourage appropriate action.”

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