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Creating a “sound” strategy to boost customer satisfaction

There is plenty of documented proof that music affects our brains. Just the right tune at the right tempo and at the right time can enhance creativity, increase productivity, change your mood and even make your day. So, it stands to reason, that the use of ambient music in hotel lobbies, restaurants, fitness centers and other transient places where a wide range of people pass through or spend some time each day can be used strategically to improve the overall customer experience.

“Music is a great motivator. It can energize you, relax or comfort you, spark a good memory or change your perspective,” says Jim Mathis, President of Persona Business Music, a division of On Hold Marketing and Communications. “When you can get a customer going through your lobby humming, singing along or moving to the beat, you know you just scored points with them.”

Persona Business Music combines marketing expertise and state-of-the-art technology to create and curate custom playlists for businesses based on customer demographics and branding strategies. Partnering with a leading music supplier, PBM is able to source popular tunes that can be heard on any radio station and combine them into a playlist that appeals to a target audience.

The technology behind PBM’s service is impressive in both its sophistication and its simplicity. A “beats per minute” option enables the modulation of the music’s tempo to correlate with a time of day, activity, or event.

“Let’s take a restaurant for example,” explains Mathis. “You can select a moderate tempo for the business lunch crowd and ramp it up for the energetic happy hour patrons.”

The service also is simple to use. Once a custom playlist is designed, it is curated and updated monthly by Persona Business Music, with no interaction required at the customer site. Businesses also have the option of including voice-overs for announcements about services, specials, events and more throughout the day.

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