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Build Brand Loyalty for One or One Hundred Hotel or Resort Locations with a Targeted On Hold Marketing Message

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, travelers like to feel a connection with their “home away from home” accommodations  – to know they will be welcomed warmly, catered to, and have certain amenities at their disposal. Often an on hold message is the first impression callers get of your hotel and offers the perfect way to lay the groundwork for turning first time callers into frequent customers.

“We have worked with hotels and resorts worldwide for the past 20 years and have provided this integral piece of their marketing strategy,” says Jim Mathis, President of On Hold Marketing and Communications. “From productions for “boutique” hotels like the Foxwood to an international brand standard roll out for Marriot Renaissance properties, we have created an on hold persona that is professional, engaging – and recognizable.”

When preparing your on hold message for your hotel or resort, consider the priorities of the caller. Comfort, convenience, locale, amenities – these rank among the top considerations. Potential guests also will want to know what extras you have to offer such as a pool, spa or exercise room. Include in your message the best places to dine –      either at your hotel or around town – as well as nearby attractions such as sports arenas, historic sites, or entertainment. Don’t forget to mention package deals and seasonal specials.

“Let callers know that they have options,” says Mathis. “Ensure them they can relax in comfort as well as enjoy stimulating activities in and around your facility.”

If your hotel or resort caters to business travelers, your on hold message should emphasize internet and wifi capabilities, meeting space, and accessibility to convention centers and airports. Do you have a business center or audio/visual equipment? Mention that as well. Rewards programs are especially enticing to potential repeat customers traveling for business or pleasure.

“From our experience working with hotels, anything you can provide to make business travel easier is a big draw,” Mathis comments. “Give this information a prominent place in your on hold message.”

Save a spot in your on hold message to promote your event capabilities. Are you set up for intimate gatherings of up to 50 people or equipped for large destination weddings? Describe your catering and event planning services, room capacity and special block guest room rates.

Large multi-location properties dedicate a good part of their marketing resources to brand recognition. An on-hold message that is familiar, consistent and professional across all locations supports this successful strategy. Although the particulars may differ among properties, the tone and persona of the on hold message unifies the brand.

“We’ve made it happen for our clients,” says Mathis. “Whether you call the Renaissance Times Square inNew Yorkor Renaissance Sanya inChina, you know it is a Marriott property and can be assured of consistent, high quality service.”

Bring it all together by using your on hold message to direct callers to your website where they can view your accommodations, services, location and amenities, as well as conveniently make a reservation online.

To learn more about the best practices for hotels and resorts creating a telephone on hold marketing program, visit

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